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NMT helps to relieve pain from a pinched nerve

Posted in: Testimonials on 11/01

Pinched nerve


Last September Jeanette was instrumental in relieving pain from my 37 year old developmentally challenged daughter Sara.  For months, Sara had been dealing with a pinched nerve in her neck.  Even after two visits to the emergency room, massage and a variety of medications, she still wasn’t getting relief.  Because Sara functions at a 3-year old level, her expressive language skills are limited.  All she could say was, “Mommy, it hurt me.” and cry.  After talking to my friend she suggested calling Jeanette to see if she could help. I was willing to do about anything. I was in Florida and Jeanette in Chicago. 


The telephone conversation/treatment on Friday lasted about 1 1/2 hours. Sara was not on the phone or even in the same room.  On Saturday morning she awoke and pronounced, “All gone, no hurt anymore.”  What a beautiful sound! Throughout the day I asked if her neck hurt, and her response was “No, all gone.” I called Jeanette on Sunday to share the success.


This was my first experience with NMT.  I don’t know how it works, nor could I explain it, but I do believe it helped Sara and will call on Jeanette again when I need her.


Myrna Stokely

Jacksonville, Florida