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Food allergies and adrenal fatigue

Posted in: Testimonials on 10/20

When I first started going to Jeanette I had several problems for her to tackle. First, I have suffered from migraine headaches for over 20 years and have gone to specialists who have explained that all they can find is an allergy to MSG, natural flavoring and preservatives. I tried to modify my diet, but many products do not really give all the ingredients so it was hit and miss. Then I started with Jeanette and within about one month I started feeling relief and only an occasional migraine. Then as the treatments progressed I had fewer migraines, until now they are almost totally gone. Now I can call Jeanette and she can work with me over the phone to relieve the migraine so it will disappear quickly.

The next challenge is that I have developed moderate adrenal fatigue. I have been working with specialists on this for several years and do not like the hormone pill option or the side effects from them. So I discontinued treatment. Jeanette has help keep this under control and when I am stressed and feeling fatigued I call Jeanette and she helps me work through it over the phone.

I do not like taking medications for problems and if there is an alternative to medication
I research it and give it a try.

Jeanette’s treatments using NMT have been more successful than any of the other options and I am very happy and satisfied and will continue to work with her.