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“I have a renewed sense of hope”

Posted in: Testimonials on 08/23

I am 25 and have been in chronic pain for nearly half of my life. There were times when I felt that life wasn’t worth it if I had to live in that kind of pain. I used to strive to just get through each minute, everyday pushing toward night because when I was asleep was the only time that I wasn’t in pain. It was awful.

Both of my temporomandibular joints are degenerative and have lead to a lot more than simple jaw pain. From surgeons to witch doctors, I had seen every doctor and dentist out there. At a certain point my quest became about managing the pain enough to live with. I had given up on ever feeling “good” again.

After working with Dr. Argo for about two months now, I feel good. I really feel good. She practices in a way that no one I have seen does. I have never waited in her waiting room. She is always ready for me, and gives me undivided attention for a full hour every visit. She understands my body, she takes her time, and she doesn’t just adjust for the sake of hearing my joints crack. Dr. Argo focuses on my muscles as well as my joints, she sees how they are connected and knows what to manipulate according to my body’s response.

Today I can actually stand for a moment, close my eyes, and feel no pain. I never imagined being pain free again. I have a renewed sense of hope, and life is finally comfortable.

— Kate L.