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Neuro Modulation Technique

NMT (Neuro Modulation Technique) is a system that trains the control system of the body to correct the causes of disease in a natural way. The technique is based on the principles of Neurophysiology.

Your body has a conscious and an unconscious control system. A conscious control, as an example, is if you are going to write a letter. You would pick up a pen, get a piece of paper, and write the letter. You have to think about what you are doing. An example of an unconscious control is your heart beating without you having to think about it and saying “ok heart, beat; beat; beat.” You don’t have to think about breathing, your cells reproducing or your hair growing. Your unconscious control system is taking care of all of that for you.

That same unconscious or autonomic control system is what we work with when we use NMT.

The autonomic control system is in charge of keeping your body healthy, but sometimes gets mixed signals as to what it should be doing. With NMT we will straighten out the signals to restore your body to its natural state of health.

NMT can be used for any health concerns that you have. It is a non-invasive technique using primarily verbal communication from the practitioner and breathing techniques from the patient.

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