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Food allergies relieved with Neuro Modulation Technique

Posted in: Testimonials on 12/16

Hives all over the body, on the sole of my feet, swollen puffy eyes, and difficulties in breathing are just some of the complications that I suffer when I ingest any food considered as allergen. Food as common and supposedly harmless as lettuce, watermelon or just a bit of corn (found in chips, thickened sauces, in soup, etc.) can cause a series of allergic reaction in my body.

A few sessions with Jeanette had minimized all these symptoms to an ignorable level. The mode of treatment has a tinge of peculiarity in it, especially because it can be done over the phone. But it did me so much good and makes my life more normal. No longer do I have to be so edgy about what I eat, and I hardly suffer from the discomforts of allergic reaction after eating.

Katherine C. – Western Suburbs of Chicago, Il