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I don’t need surgery now!

Posted in: Testimonials on 04/19

I have been suffering for over a year from achilles tendonitis and several other foot problems in both of my feet. Doctors and physical therapists have been unable to improve my situation and alleviate the pain. My doctor said that if my achilles tendon flexibility did not improve, I would need surgery to lengthen the tendons. After using acupuncture to solve other ailments of mine, Jeanette used acupuncture and several other healing techniques to increase the flexibility in my achilles tendons and feet. As a result, my doctor is pleased with my progress and says I no longer need surgery! Jeanette also gave me exercises to do at home to improve my flexibility and they have helped significantly. She has a wealth of knowledge and is dedicated to helping her clients. Jeanette is now my “go to person” for any physical problem I have!

Michelle M.